Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short, is an essential part of having an online presence. SEO is what drives natural traffic to your website by increasing it’s visibility to search engines like Google. It’s all well & good to have a fantastic looking website, but if search engines are not able to index your website when people search online you are going to miss the opportunity to connect with new clients & grow your business.

There are many best practice SEO techniques to apply to your website to increase your chances of being found by the right customers. Things like keyword research, meta data, page content, website infrastructure, link building & social media, just to name a few, should all play an essential part of your online SEO marketing strategy. SEO can be applied to existing websites, or become part of the planning process when building a new website.

Thrive Online tailor SEO services to suit your business requirements. For an existing website, the first step is to conduct an SEO site analysis to determine potential areas of improvement to increase organic traffic to your website & grow your business.